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There is a lot of buzz around the cash offer programs being advertised on the internet.

What are these offers all about?

Thinking of a Cash Offer?

Have you seen those cash offer programs online that sound too good to be true?
  • Get Cash Fast

  • No Showings

  • Move in Your Time Frame

  • Rent Back 

  • Selling Below Market Value

  • Not Exposing the Home to the Market

  • Buyer Inspections Lead to Revised Lower Sales Price

A Good Agent:

  • Exposes your home to the market to find more buyers

  • Works with you for showings that accommodate your needs

  • Helps you negotiate the best price and terms possible

  • Helps you structure the offer to accommodate your moving schedule

If you're thinking of looking at a Cash Offer, you might want to give me a call first.  I can discuss the costs and benefits with you.  I can even set you up with investor buyers if that is what you decide you need.

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