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Discover what short sales are, and if one might be right for you.

Why Short Sale

  • Are you missing mortgage payments?  

  • Are you worried that your lender is going to foreclose?

  • Do you have a hardship that has prevented you from making your mortgage payments?

When you start to fall behind on your mortgage, the worst thing to do is 'Nothing.'  

You have options available to you in this situation.  And while a real estate agent cannot give legal or tax advice, we do suggest that you consult with your lender, your CPA, or a real estate attorney to discuss possible remedies.

But if you decide that a Short Sale is the best option for you, then it's a good idea to use an agent who is experienced in Short Sales.

For a further discussion of what Short Sales are, and whether one might be right for you, please watch the video below.

Then contact Julie Miller if you have questions or would like to discuss a Short Sale for you.

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